Develop skills to lead and get your voice heard in virtual meetings.

Online events and meetings are the new normal. If you are a business person or a corporate employee who have to communicate online with customers, stakeholders and colleagues to get things done, your credibility and your result will depend upon how well you can lead and influence your counterparts virtually. Virtual meetings will continue to grow, and those who master the skills will benefit tremendously.

This program will equip you with the skills necessary to lead meetings for maximum engagement while creating clarity, purpose and value. You’ll also learn how to effectively participate in meetings, making your voice heard while observing proper virtual etiquette.

This seminar is delivered in English (Instructor will support in Japanese when required).
Prerequisite: TOEIC Score 600 or Higher

In 1923, American Management Association (AMA) was founded with some of business leader’s aspiration to provide other business leaders opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices to improve and grow organization and contribute to the society.

日時 Thursday, June 11, 2020, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  

This seminar is free trial,Live Online】Leading Effective Virtual Meetings.

◆lecturer profiles

Quintegral Ltd.  

 Mete Yazici

Mete worked in Thomson Reuters, Hartford Life Insurance, and AXA Life Insurance covering Product Development, Product Management, Business Analysis, and Project Management areas. He was a senior leader in most of these organizations. In 2012, he became the Head of Local Product Development in LexisNexis Japan, the world’s leading provider of legal and compliance information. In 2015 he became a Corporate Officer. He left LexisNexis in 2018 and established his own company in 2019.


Since early 2019, Mete successfully provided training services to more than 300 participants in 20 foreign-affiliated companies. Most of the trainings were on Mental Health, Stress Management, Resilience, and Leadership. His style of teaching is known to be highly interactive, impactful, and inclusive. When needed, he can instantly switch between Japanese and English, which proves valuable for the companies that employ people from various countries.

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定員 40 people
共催 Quintegral
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