Develop capabilities to lead diverse teams, innovate and effectively operate in global marketplace.

Companies are striving to inculcate in their leaders traits of inclusive leadership to adapt global mega-trends. Diversity alone cannot drive Inclusion. Developing Inclusive Leaders is indispensable to attract and retain diverse talents, encourage their participation/engagement, foster innovation, and lead business growth.

Inclusive Leader Competencies are as follows.
・Self Awareness
・Value Diversity
・Leverage Diversity
・Adapt Communication
・Manage Disagreement
・Lead Multicultural Team
・Create Inclusive Environment

This seminar provides an opportunity to experience some of the AMA's "【Live Online】Inclusive Leadership" training.

This seminar is delivered in English (Instructor will support in Japanese when required).
Prerequisite: TOEIC Score 600 or Higher

In 1923, American Management Association (AMA) was founded with some of business leader’s aspiration to provide other business leaders opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices to improve and grow organization and contribute to the society.

日時 Thursday, July 16, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  

This seminar is free trial,【Live Online】Inclusive Leadership

◆Lecturer profiles

Quintegral Ltd.  

Katwal Koizumi

Katwal specializes in helping global organizations to develop their business leaders, managers and professionals to further enhance their leadership capabilities encompassing global perspectives, D&I mindset, global management and cross-cultural intelligence. His experience comes from working at a Japanese megabank where he is responsible to plan, develop and implement global leadership and talent development programs. He has also facilitated several leadership programs for the bank’s executives, managers and employees.


Besides holding a position of Senior Vice President in a Japanese mega-bank, Katwal has worked as Global HRD Consultant for the American Management Association for over 9 years where he did business development through providing consulting and HR development services to U.S. Military bases in Japan and to Japanese and non-Japanese multinational companies. He has also experience working as project manager for an American software and information technology company providing procurement services to large companies. Prior to that, he has worked as producer for a British company where he produced strategic business conferences to corporate clients and entrepreneurs.


Zoom Meeting invitations will be emailed to you after registration is complete.
参加費 Free
定員 40 people
共催 Quintegral
内容 Trial session will focus on two topics of the full version as shown below.

Topic 1
・Welcome, Introductions & Expectations
・Business case for Inclusive Leadership

Topic 2
・Building Self-Awareness to become Inclusive Leader
-Discuss ways to further enhance the competencies for building self-awareness
注意事項 ・If there are too many applications, we will hold a lottery.
・Please indicate the name of the company when you apply. We do not accept applications from sole proprietors and training companies.


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